The 10 Best Skin Creams, According To The Experts |

The 10 Best Skin Creams, According To The Experts

If they, who know the needs of the skin thoroughly, include them in their beauty kits, it will be something. The best dermatologists choose their favorite products: cleansers, anti-aging creams, toners, masks, moisturizers …. We present the 10 basic products that experts recommend and use. What had they never told you about?

We are always corroded by doubts about how to take care of our skin. Whether sensitive, oily, very dry, mixed, with a tendency to redness or granite, there are some rituals and infallible creams that have become ‘bestsellers’ by the hand of experts in skin and that work to make you look impeccable .

The dermatologists Elena Tevar, Diana Camacho, Elena González Guerra, María Segurado, Paloma Cornejo, Paloma Borregón, Isabel Aldonado and Inma García Cano are the ones who know perfectly all the mysteries of the skin, they know how to treat it, protect it, beautify it and cure it.

For that and much more, getting a Derma Viva is not complicated if we take note of the advice they provide: never forget to protect the skin and clean it morning and night, take antioxidant foods and, above all, rest a minimum of seven or eight hours. Fulfill the recommendations and use their facial products are the perfect combo for the elixir of eternal youth.

When we think of Dior, French fashion comes to mind. However, this brand also has a line of beauty and skin care products. More specifically, I would like to mention your Dior brand wrinkle cream, the Capture Totale Riche.

This cream is responsible for stimulating and revitalizing our skin, from the surface to the deepest. Totale Riche is responsible for hiding, after several applications, all the imperfections that denote the passage of time, such as wrinkles, sagging or irregularities.

Its elaboration is from its main active ingredient, a rare flower of Madagascar known as Longoza. This plant stimulates the stem cells that tone our face, and in this way it generates elastin and collagen naturally.


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