Smack Pet Food - 5-STAR RATED |

Smack Pet Food – 5-STAR RATED

My babies (4 yr old maltipoo & 4 yr old bijon frieze) were intantly receptive to the food, which was a pleasant surprise, since they are very particular about what they eat. They usually only eat one brand of Smack Pet Food because they have rejected all the others. The major drawback was the price for the amount that came in the bag. It was less expensive to feed them roasted chicken mixed with dry dog food.

As good as it gets. This food sits atop any other food calling itself ‘top of the line’. It has the best quality ingredients you could want in it. I spent WEEKS researching the best foods out there because the food I was using (also amazing) went out of business. On the downside, it’s crazy expensive (especially if you have a large dog, which I do), and the largest bag is kind of small. A 10 or 12 lb bag would be optimal. Of course, I’m concerned that the only place to buy it in the U.S. is from this one seller on Amazon. If something happens with them, I’ll have a big problem. Still, I’m glad to have found it…it really is perfection.

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