Why You Should Always Say No To Steroids: Major Side Effects

Why You Should Always Say No To Steroids: Major Side Effects

Every day that passes I know more people who immerses himself in the world of bodybuilding, but enter through the back door, ie directly seek the goal seeking as quickly as possible, and directly take illegal substances to grow as steroids or anabolic steroids.

With this post we will try to bring together all the reasons why you should always say no to steroids and anabolic steroids, even if you are one of those who train the most, conscious diet milligram, rest what should rest and yet stagnant.

While we go a little further and let’s talk a little of everything, in the first part we will discuss the major side effects that use, in a second other side effects and one-third will discuss other issues It involves use as the requirement of potential economic problems, addictions and personal satisfaction of not using them.

Major side effects

Undoubtedly the use of steroids carry a myriad of side effects that the vast majority of people who use them think they are inventions of people who do not use it but it is not, there is a high probability that the use of these illegal products will carry one or more of the following side effects:

Cardiovascular problems: Using steroids various levels of cholesterol, in particular, has been observed, which causes low levels of HDL or good cholesterol, and increase LDL or bad cholesterol, which is harmful to the cardiovascular system.
Kidney disease: The compounds eliminate steroids are eliminated through the urine, and responsible for carrying out this function is the kidney. If you suffer from hypertension, the possibility of a kidney problem is triggered, since it implies a stress on it.
Sexual dysfunction: As we know the male reproductive system is closely related to the levels of androgenic hormones in the body, so the use of these hormones in a synthetic form. This variation in levels can have two completely opposite consequences; one that increases libido and erection, which can lead to a problem of sexual addiction; and other extreme a drop in libido do lose sexual interest and consequently suffer impotence, especially when just a steroid cycle.

Gynecomastia: Is a term to indicate growth similar to the female, which occurs when you have a high level of estrogen male breast.
Hair Loss: we have seen that the most common form of hair loss is directly related to the level of androgens in tissue capillaries. While this phenomenon is even more pronounced in people who already suffer hair loss before steroid use, and their use is accentuated loss exponentially.
Fluid retention: Steroids tend to increase the amount of water in the body, something known as flavor, this retention gives an inflated appearance of the body especially in the hands, arms and face, also losing muscle definition. Although fluid retention may not be the not very important side effect when taking a cycle of muscle growth, and is thought to be solved to cambier stage (define), can lead to more dangerous problems such as high blood pressure and kidney damage.
Acne: Is definitely one of the effects that always occurs when steroids are used, as occurs in adolescence, when testosterone levels soar out pimples on the skin. It is certainly a lesser evil but it is an eyesore that nobody likes to have, especially when looking as possible aesthetic image. This is because the glands are stimulated by androgen’s and therefore raise these hormones makes these glands release more oil-generating grains back, shoulders and face, and even in all skin patches that are highly unsightly.

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