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Lofacts is a professional website focus on publicizing responsibly in the various online media and offline quality information about health, beauty, aesthetics (cosmetics, treatments, makeup, etc.), to provide guidance and advice responsible to the general public on these issues and care of their personal image. Along with this, we also allow people to share their experience with the specific product what they had tried in the past. We do this only because we know there are multiple people looking for the same product can read their experience before deciding anything. Cultivated beauty from within is what allows us to be service people and lead a life in harmony. For a person who is only beautiful on the outside, but has spiritual and intellectual wealth, is for us the equivalent of an empty bag that falls if we try to stop it, because the empty bag does not have something inside that really hold, and in the same direction in life fall who only seek the external unfed its beauty and inner strength. Today We walk with a new vision to life and this website is part of the process of life, this new walking step by step (physical and spiritual), which we think is important to disseminate information on health issues and help create an educational awareness in health prevention and sow love and respect for life in all its forms. To you for being here and thank God, thank you for the life, health and art. In this world of chaos, where internet market is expanding like crazy, and its getting impossible to tell which product is the ‘real deal’ and which is a tool of money making scam companies, we strive to give you original FACTS and genuine Reviews, about the products that you are looking for. Instead of hiring writers, we bring you stories from real consumers and our team members work hard to make this possible.

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