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5 Things That Happen When You Stop Having Sex

Break-ups. Work. Travel. Work travel. There are a lot of reasons your sex life may be stalled. And, like knocking over that first domino, your dry spell in the sack can affect your health in many ways—both good and bad. (more…)

Natural Supplements to Increase Sexual Power

The history of mankind has shown that in all cultures ointments, love potions and ritual practices have been prepared to attract the opposite sex, in addition to enhancing sexuality and fertility. These qualities were attributed for many years to plants and foods whose form resembled much in their natural state to the male or female sexual organs or even resembled in their scent to the genital secretions.

The ancient Aztecs considered a significant sexual enhancer to avocado, whose translation of Nahuatl is “testicle”, thanks to the form it has; The root of the mandragora is shaped like a penis, and for thousands of years has been considered aphrodisiac. In the Middle Ages it was recommended to eat fruits with lots of seeds, such as pomegranate and fig, for those who wanted many children.

Other foods owe their reputation as sexual stimulators to true medicinal qualities, such as basil, parsley, peppermint, onion, black pepper, clove, ginger and chili, as they increase blood supply in the urogenital apparatus ( Of which the genital organs are part).

It is also known that alcohol in moderate doses has a disinhibiting effect, a state very conducive to erotic activity, but excessively reduces desire.

It is possible to think that foods, vitamins and natural supplements to increase desire and sexual potency, “although they are effective”, it has been proven that with the help of these supplements and food in a few days begin to appreciate positive changes.

Some natural supplements ideal for increasing Sexual Power

Ginseng is a plant native to Asia from which the root is used because all the properties are found in it.

This plant has many benefits but we will only emphasize here those that directly influence to improve the desire and the sexual potency in men and women.

Ginseng has ginsenosides, stimulating substances that produce in the body the same effects as testosterone and it is widely known that testosterone is the hormone necessary to stimulate sexual desire and get better erection of the penis.

Decreased testosterone levels result in loss of libido, lack of arousal and problems in getting penis erection. Ginseng provides the necessary substances to aid recovery.
While testosterone is the main male hormone, it is also in the body of women and even in small proportions is necessary for the sex drive.

Other properties of ginseng are: provide energy, vitality, improve depression, stress and fatigue.

It is proven that depression, stress and fatigue are often the cause of loss of sexual desire as well as impotence or erectile dysfunction. Ginseng ensures that these pictures are overcome in a short time and with lasting effects.

The Gingko Biloba is a tree of Chinese origin of ancient life, unique in its kind and known in the world for its properties and benefits on the circulation of blood.

This plant acts by preventing the blood vessels from clogging and thus providing good irrigation in the brain, limbs and genitals.

Penile erection occurs when your spongy cavities fill with blood pressure reaching the area, if there is no good blood flow due to obstruction of veins or arteries the erection will not have the necessary consistency for penetration.

Gingko Biloba allows blood to flow freely, benefiting and enhancing erection.

Vitamin B3 or Niacin, nicotinic acid, has effects on the synthesis of sex hormones and also provides elasticity in blood vessels, allowing a good flow of blood to the penis.

Vitamin B3 is found in foods such as lean meats, liver, legumes, nuts, brewer’s yeast, milk and eggs.

All vitamins to a greater or lesser extent have influence to increase desire and improve sexual potency, since a healthy and properly nourished organism will be more willing to sexuality.

Vitamin E. It has almost prodigious effects as far as the sexual life is concerned, besides that it increases the hormonal production. They include vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, cereals, eggs, lettuce and broccoli.

Foods to Improve Sexual Power

Since ancient times the beneficial effects of some foods have been known to increase libido and erection of the penis. Among them are honey, pollen and royal jelly. These foods increase testosterone and improve sexual power, resulting in consistent and long-lasting erections.

Honey. Powerful natural nutrient that provides energy and vitality in general, but also contains abundant boron, a mineral that helps increase levels of testosterone, hormone directly related to desire and ability to have orgasms.

Pollen from bees. The qualities of the previous product in this one are doubled or tripled, to the degree that only one tablespoon daily is taken, taking care to chew the grains very well or to dilute them previously in milk, tea or any liquid; It should be noted that for every three weeks of consumption a week should be taken to resume its ingestion.

Avocado. Its nutritional content is high: rich in vitamins A and E, as well as in natural oils, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals that are essential for the generation of sex hormones. However, its aphrodisiac power lies in the pulp, but also in its seed (although it seems strange), which, to be exploited, must be broken into several pieces left in a bowl for 5 minutes with boiling water or milk, to be taken As an infusion.

Celery. Vegetables whose stems are edible and are characterized by containing a lot of water and cellulose (fiber), but also a substance that stimulates the production of male hormones.

Oats. It restores the energy lost through physical exhaustion, particularly those who live constant stress. It is especially indicated for sexuality because it encourages the increase of testosterone in the blood; In other words, it increases sexual desire.

Cinnamon. It is well known that it improves all kinds of problems related to cold (poor circulation, cough, fever and catarrh), thanks to, among other qualities, elevates body temperature. It also strengthens the nervous system and distances fatigue and depression, which is why it also reduces tension and anxiety, which in many cases are an obstacle to a good intimate relationship.

Cherry. Its high content of B vitamins is the possible justification for identifying it as a delicious aphrodisiac, since it increases the use of oxygen by the organism and enhances the cardiac function, so when it becomes necessary to more oxygenation as in the sexual act , This fruit is a great help.

Chocolate. It has been scientifically proven that cocoa (essential compound of this product), possesses considerable amount of phenylethynamine, chemical agent that activates the receptors in the nerve cells of the brain that produce sensation of well-being. It is said that the Aztecs conferred aphrodisiac properties on drinking hot and mixed with chile; what do you think?

Strawberries. Because they favor the best blood flow, qualities are attributed to it to nourish sexual ability and desire.

Apple. It is the symbol of sensuality par excellence and the forbidden fruit that seduced Eve and then Adam. As for aphrodisiac qualities there is not much to say, barely that is good stimulant. For dessert, and seasoned with cinnamon, is an option to consider.

Seafood. The “fruits of the sea” are important adjuvants in the sexual health, mainly for its contribution of minerals of high rank, like phosphorus, that helps to assimilate proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and to the proper functioning of the nervous system; Iodine, essential for the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland that is responsible for creating hormones that intervene in virtually all functions of the body, Zinc deficiency, which is regularly associated with erectile dysfunction and prostate problems.

Nut. It improves the circulation and functionality of the brain because of its high content of omega-3, phosphorus and magnesium; Collaborates in the production of red blood cells (in blood and responsible for transporting oxygen to the whole body), as well as improving depression, stress and fatigue. Eating 6 to 12 nuts daily is as positive for health as for sex.

Mint. It is said to be the first medicinal plant used for aphrodisiac purposes, since it is a delicate stimulant of the nervous system. In addition, it has various healing effects, among which we can mention the improvement of digestion and bad breath (no one will deny its usefulness in an intimate encounter), and can be used as a mild anxiety reliever. In romantic dinners it is not uncommon to offer a mint liqueur.

Minerals. Phosphorus, calcium and magnesium increase sexual desire; Are consumed by green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds and parsley, pork liver, cod, tuna and sardines in oil, chicken, egg and yogurt. Selenium helps in the production of hormones.

Oral Sex Is Absolute Winner! This Is The Most Popular Type Of Sex These Days!

The most popular type of sex these days is oral sex! When you are young, you have more biases towards experimentation and practice of different type of sex, which is normal. As you get older, you realize that you get pretty open and you’re ready to try more things. You already have an idea of what you like and what not.

Oral sex is one of the most popular type of sex, but that does not mean you must be in a trend if you do not like this type of sex. It does not have to fit into the crowd just to be like everyone else. It is normal for some people to dislike the feeling which gives oral sex. There is nothing wrong if you do not want to practice this kind of sex. Be proud that you know what fits to your body and what does not.  Also, this is the most intimate kind of sex that requires trust in the person with who you will share this experience.

We have to mention that among the diseases that can be transmitted through oral sex include herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis and hepatitis. There is a low risk for infection during the oral sex with the HIV virus, a trigger for AIDS. Experts who promote safe sex are not recommending to floss or brush your teeth at least one hour before oral sex, because it can cause the occurrence of small wounds and bleeding in the mouth. Because of this, the most important thing is to know your partner very good and you need to have confidence in him.

If you do not want oral sex, should not feel different from others because of that. You should stick to your decision if your partner insists. Explain to your partner why you do not like oral sex.

Finally, do not let others to change your opinion about something that you know you will not be pleasant for your body!

Amazing Herb: Enlarges the Breasts in Women and Acts Like Natural Viagra for Men

Sometimes, nature is not so generous, but luckily we have a completely natural solution for those who dream to possess bigger breasts. It is possible to increase breast size up to 2 numbers with this particular seed.

The magic seed fenugreek can be found in any health food store, it is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. It offers a lot of good effects on health and it is very nutritious.

Fenugreek seed can be used for infections of the throat, lungs and respiratory system in Western medicine. It stimulates the kidneys and lungs and warms the body it is good against the allergies and fever.

Fenugreek Seeds for bigger Breasts

The fenugreek seeds can help to increase the breast even though it sounds naive. These seeds have a high concentration of phytoestrogenis which influence on the growth of breasts.


The menstrual cycle is the monthly changes a woman’s body undergoes in preparation for the possibility of pregnancy. Depending on the individual, there are women that go through their monthly menstruation without any significant menstrual pain. However, there are a lot of women who experience heavy bleeding, crippling cramps, serious fatigue, etc. each month.

If you belong to the latter group, you should take a look at some of the things that you should avoid doing during that time of the month:

  • Skipping meals-this is a very bad idea because during the period, you’re losing a lot of blood, so you should eat regularly and maintain the energy levels up.
  • Having unprotected intercourse– doctors recommend that you should avoid having sex during your period. However, if you choose to do it, you should always use protection in order to prevent possible infections.
  • Doing physical work-avoid any manual labor to prevent additional problems and discomfort.
  • Eating junk food– this may only cause abdominal ache. Therefore, eat only healthy and fresh food during your period.
  • Staying up all night-when you go early to bed on your period, you will experience fewer problems. This is because the body produces melatonin in the early hours of the night, and this hormone is crucial for the health. So, interrupting its production might lead to additional complications.
  • Going to work-believe it or not, some women have a very painful menstrual cycle, so not going to work during these 5 or 7 days would mean a lot.

You should also avoid:

  • Drinking soda
  • Drinking cold water
  • Eating cucumbers
  • Eating salty and sour foods rich in sodium (pickles, canned foods, chips, snacks, salted popcorn, etc.)
  • Drinking foods which contain caffeine (chocolate, caffeinated sodas, coffee, tea)


This testosterone enhancer product named ‘Red Fortera’ is a hit of the day and is a best selling product on the internet. There are good and bad reviews pouring in because of its massive sale.

But here in this review we are going to weigh all its pros against all the cons so you can make an informed decision rather than the biased reviews of people who are trying to sell it or some unlucky customers who are just too unhappy and ruining it for others too for whom the product did work. Ok so let us start with what the product promises to deliver.

Red Fortera Claims

On the official website they state, “Red Fortera can help you achieve more satisfying sex, helping to deliver intense orgasms to both you and your partner. For a more satisfying sex life over all, Red Fortera can improve your performance! Our natural blend of ingredients may help to deliver additional stamina during sex, as well as harder, longer erections and a heightened climax for an even greater sexual experience.

As a food supplement, Red Fortera is the easy and efficient way to improve your sex life with noticeable results. Our formula will have you satisfying women in the way they desire thanks to your improved stamina, focus and physical prowess”

Now all this sounds real nice and sweet but is it all true? Cause it does sound a little too good to be true. It says all the things we want to hear, hits all the right spots, no wonder it is selling so much. People do want to believe that all this is true. What we want to know is that what percentage of customers were actually satisfied with it or how many of these claims came true.

How is it supposed to work

It is supposed to act by increasing testosterone levels. To understand how that would work you should read into male physiology. Testosterone which is a hormone is produced in testes after receiving chemical stimulation from parts of brain named hypothalamus and pituitary.

Now testosterone first starts to increase in level at the time of puberty and drives all changes taking place at that time including development of sex organs, facial and male distribution of bodily hair, deepening of voice, enlargement of Adam’s apple, increase in muscle mass and height.

That’s not all after puberty throughout life this hormone is essential for male libido, maintaining muscle strength and mass, sperm production, promoting healthy bone density. So basically testosterone is the essence of manliness we possess. So if this product actually does increase the level of it then it won’t be a surprise if we achieve all those desirable results.


Boron amino acid chelate, wild yam extract, orchic, sarsaparilla, Tongkat ali, Nettle extract, epimedium, saw palmetto. Honestly if you ask me these names sound weird. But then they say its all natural organic and herbs. I looked up these ingredients and they do have some history some of these herbs are known aphrodisiac and have been around for thousands of years.

That makes it believable that it’ll make your experience in bedroom a more enjoyable and satisfying one. But how these ingredients can increase testosterone level and hence your stamina and energy and make you last longer is still debatable.

A customer’s experience

We contacted a customer who tried the product for the first time. He narrated his story to us and it goes something like this.

I am 39 years old and I didn’t expect my stamina and strength to decrease drastically so early in my life. It is probably because I don’t have time to work out and I have fought alcoholism in my early 30s. Even though it is totally under control now but it left some physical weaknesses. I came across this product and I was kinda desperate at that time because my confident was shattered, it was affecting my relationships, this product was on trial so I didn’t think much about it and just ordered my capsules.

As I started using it, I can’t say if my testosterone levels were actually boosting up or it was just a placebo effect but I experienced a significant improvement in my performance and I was astonished in the most happy way because if I be really honest, I wasn’t expecting it to work, cause come on, let’s be real, one out of hundred products deliver what they claim.

Downsides of the product

Some customers reported a foul breath in the morning after using it but not every user has experienced that. Some say that the results are not as significant as promised and they experienced just a slight increase in energy levels and that’s all. Some even complained that it doesn’t work at all and good reviews are based on the people who experienced placebo effect.

Do we recommend it?

We will give this product a 4.5/5 stars. It is a decent product and is certainly worth a try. Chances are it will work for you but if you are not satisfied try switching to something that suits you better.

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6 Common Mistakes In Oral Sex

Oral sex is exclusive to pleasure the couple, although some also enjoy doing it. There are those who practice it as an art, while others do it only for consideration.

For any of the cases, there are some mistakes that we should avoid because they can be very painful and even embarrassing. Pay attention.

# 6 Pressing the couple

The art of giving a good oral sex is not for everyone. And if when your boy decides to go down to your most intimate part does not get an exceptional performance, it may be his first time.

Clear and open communication is the basis of any relationship, and oral sex is not an exception. Tell her what moves you would like her to do next time. With practice it will improve.

# 5 Poor Hygiene

The odors of the opposite sex can be very exciting for the couple, but practicing oral sex after the gym or after a long day of work displeases anyone.

So if you know that there is a possibility of intimacy later, take a quick shower. You will feel relaxed knowing that the experience will not leave a bad taste in your partner’s mouth.

# 4 Pushing the head

This error is common in men. Some have the habit of taking the woman’s head while they do oral sex to push more in their lap.

As much excitement as you feel by the moment of arousal, taking of the head or hair is very uncomfortable for the couple.

# 3 Hair without picking up

There is nothing more uncomfortable than the hairs get into your mouth at the time of oral sex. So that this does not happen, leave a hair band on your wrist, so you tie it at the right time.

# 2 Toothache

One of the most common mistakes when practicing oral sex to a man is to shave his penis with his teeth. The moment the teeth touch the male organ, men cease to enjoy and begin to count the minutes so that the gentle bite does not become something really painful.

# 1 Having long nails

There are different styles of practicing oral sex how many different people there are. If a man will have his fingers in action on your cunnilingus, make sure your nails are short so you do not have the same bad luck as with your teeth. It’s a big mistake that can hurt.

10 Truths About The Vagina

We see it all, every day, define us as women and, if that were not enough, makes possible one of the great miracles of life: it is the place that nature chose to give birth to our children. If the vagina will be important and necessary! Do not you think?

But, still, there are things you did not know about the vagina. Read on and discover 10 truths about your innermost part!

# 10 Has its own cleaning

Believe it or not, the vagina is kept naturally clean by producing protective substances to keep you safe from bacteria. In this way, it is not necessary to use too many products of intimate hygiene or to do douches; In fact, these can unbalance your pH and irritate it more.

Ideally, simply rinse the vagina with warm water every day.

# 9 Size Does not Matter

The size of the vagina is equal to having sex.

An average vagina measures about 7.6 cm, which extends to 10 in the excitation phase. This means that any penis can fill it completely, and if it is a larger limb, the vagina can even lengthen and grow by 200% during sex. Then it returns to its normal size.

That over time a vagina gets bigger the more sex you have is not true.

# 8 The hymen that is no longer

It is impossible to check whether a woman has lost her virginity by looking at her vagina. The first sexual relation is usually associated with the rupture of the hymen, but the truth is that this membrane can disintegrate for other reasons, such as physical exercise, riding horses or the use of tampons.

# 7 Why does pubic hair exist?

Maybe we should put a stop to intimate hair removal, women. Although uncomfortable and annoying, especially when we have to wear a bikini, the hairs are for something: from decreasing external friction during sexual intercourse to protecting sensitive skin from that area of infections and eruptions.

# 6 Your tampon will not go away

It is impossible for a tampon to move upward until it reaches the uterus, because the cervix is so small and hard that it only allows the passage of fluids and semen, except when it gives birth light.

Goodbye myths that say tampons can get lost inside the vagina!

# 5 Do the vaginas have teeth?

Of course not! It sounds ridiculous, but even if you do not believe it in antiquity the myth of the “toothed vagina” has been handed down from generation to generation.

In many civilizations and tribes the belief of women who had their “toothed vaginas” expanded in order to frighten men and discourage rape.

The movie Teeth of 2007 is about this curious myth.

# 4 The vagina can be exercised

That’s right, you can not only work your biceps, abs and glutes!

With the famous Kegel exercises, you can also exercise the pelvic floor muscles (that is, the muscles that are under the uterus). Training these muscles increases sexual pleasure, provides more orgasms, decreases pain during labor, and controls urinary inconsistency.

And best of all, you do not have to go to any gym to exercise them because you can do them at any time without anyone noticing. Simply squeeze your muscles as if you wanted to hold the urine, contract them for a few seconds, release and repeat several times.

# 3 The flow is absolutely clean

The vaginal discharge should be clear or white and odorless. And far from being dirty, it is a substance that protects women from infections, in addition to lubricating and naturally cleaning the vagina.

However, if you notice changes in color, smell and discharge more flow than normal, you need to see a doctor because with those symptoms you could have an infection.

# 2 Small women do not necessarily have small vaginas

Although a woman of short stature or thin has a smaller pelvic structure than a taller and more corpulent woman, her internal organs do not necessarily have to be smaller; That is, not necessarily their vaginas are smaller or narrow.

As I said above, the vaginas stretch and expand during sexual intercourse, regardless of body and height, and even the age of each woman.

#1 Trust her!

It is proven that women who feel comfortable and comfortable with the appearance of their vaginas, are safer in sex and have better orgasms, so take care of your care and hygiene, have a good hair removal and befriend her!

These Are The Things You Should Never Do After Having Sex

Friday night, your partner and you have decided to take a romantic break and have had an extensive sex session. What do you do when you have sex?

Your habits can be the cause of your frequent infections or they can be the reason that your skin irritates so often.

This is why you should NOT do the following things after having sex if you want to take care of your intimate area.

Do not forget to do “pipi”

Going to the bathroom after having intercourse is essential to sanitize your intimate area. In this way, the bacteria that may be in your vagina will go away and you will be less likely to have a urinary infection.

Bath immediately

It is not necessary that after the act you go out terrified to bathe. I know the temptation of a hot shower is strong but you must control yourself. Keep in mind that, your body may have an allergic reaction to soap since, the skin after sex is more sensitive. On the other hand, excessive use of soap can cause vaginal dryness and irritation.

Sleep in sexy lingerie

The material used for this type of lingerie is not friendly to your body after you have relationships. Your skin needs to breathe and is more sensitive than normal. My advice? You should sleep in cotton underwear or you can sleep naked.

A whirlpool session

I know it may seem like a relaxing activity after having sex, but it is not at all healthy. After sexual stimulation, your intimate area – like your partner’s – is more vulnerable to infection. A hydromassage session, the only thing that will do is to increase the risk to catch an infection. Try to do it before having sex or wait a few hours.

Use disposable wipes

If your skin is sensitive to alcohol, glycerin or other oils when you use disposable wipes after sex causes irritation in your vaginal area, it can manifest as redness, swelling, itching, or pain.

If you want to sanitize you can use toilet paper or you can try making your own disposable wipes. You need cloths to wash, a spoonful of vinegar and a liter of warm water; With these ingredients you can keep your pH balanced after having sex.

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