How to Increase the Volume of Your Arms with Lying Triceps Stretch

Triceps stretches or stretches have always been one of the best exercises to fill your arms, but if you do not do well you will not be taking 100% to this great exercise. An example of the wrong thing is that in a horizontal position, lying flat, if you keep your arms perpendicular to the ground, or your elbows pointing directly at the ceiling, you will transfer the force to your elbows and you will not perform the exercise with the range of motion suitable for Make the most of it and without risk of injury. (more…)

Why Do My Muscles Tremble When I Exercise?

Do your muscles tremble when you exercise? Do not worry, muscle tremors are very frequent when training, especially when doing strength or isometric exercises and are usually simply a sign that we are working to the fullest and that we are leaving our area. Comfort, so … well, we are moving ! (more…)

How To Exercise To Build Big Back Muscles

The back can be a tough area to train. The back also has three different muscle groups that are important to train. The upper back muscles are called the rhomboids and trapezius muscles. The sides are called the latissimus dorsi and the lower back muscles are called the erector spinae. They each have an important role in the strength of your back so work them all.

Many chest exercises work the back muscles as well but in order to really grow the back muscles it is important to do exercises that really isolate the back muscles. Here are a few good exercises that will give you a powerful back with rippling, bulging muscles.


Dumbbell Shrug- This exercise is the most effective exercise for the trapezius muscle. The dumbbell shrug is very self explanatory. You stand with a dumbbell in each hand with your feet about shoulder width apart. Then shrug your shoulders up and down.

Upright Rows- These can be done with a barbell or dumbbells. Hold the weight with your palms facing your body resting on your thighs. Pull the weight up under your chin with your elbows bent out.

Wide Grip Pull Ups- This exercise is done with a pull up bar. Grab the bar as wide as you can and pull the weight of your body off the floor as high as you can.


Lat pulldowns- Any exercise that has the body part in the name is a sure way to tell that it effectively works that muscle. The lat pulldown is done on a machine designed for this. You should be facing the wall and gripping the bar with your palms facing the wall. Pull it straight down in front of you until the bar reaches your middle chest. The lat pulldown can also be done behind the head for a variation.

Rows- There are so many different types of rows. They all work the lat. The movement is basically the same. For a basic dumbbell row, you bend over with the weights in your hands, palms facing the knees. Bring the weight straight up toward the chest and bend your elbows out to the sides. Variations: Barbell row, T bar rows, Seated Cable rows

Lower Back

 Hyperextension- This exercise is done on a roman chair. Cross your arms over your chest and bend over. Use the muscles of your lower back to bring you back up to standing position.
Barbell Deadlifts- With the barbell on the floor directly in front of your toes, bend over keeping your legs straight. Don’t bend your knees. Pull the weight up with you as you return to standing position.

Supermans- For this exercise you lay face down on the floor with your arms out like superman resting on the floor. Bring your arms and feet up off the floor but keep them straight. It is a small movement but you can feel the muscles working.


With so many people becoming aware of the importance of building lean muscle to maintain a healthier body and just look good, why are so many people failing to achieve their muscle building goals too? We’ll discuss some of the common muscle building mistakes made by people wanting to get a well built body.

 1. Giving up before allowing your body to get stronger, bigger!

Building lean muscle mass will take time. Period. I don’t care who you are, while some people may find that they put on muscle easier, they will still have to work for it. Instant gratification isn’t going to happen, and it’s certainly not going to happen over night. There are no shortcuts here, if you want to build raw muscle you’ll need patience, persistence and just plain hard work. No special diet, exercise machine or supplement will ever replace those three factor, so ensure you stick to it, and don’t give up.
2. Allowing too much testosterone to take over
I’ve seen it so many times where younger less developed guys or beginners trying to build muscle will check out the muscle bound bloke on the bench and try and match his weight. All to find that he can lift the bar and the moment it hit’s his chest he can’t even lift it off after just one rep. Testosterone is good and it helps us build muscle, but too much will lead to showing off and it will just get you in trouble. Injury can occur and more commonly cheating to move the weights which is just counterproductive can cause you to target the wrong muscle for the specific exercise, meaning less gains. Everyone’s different so try and beat your previous best and not someone elses.
3. Not keep track
That leads me to the next point of keeping a journal. Keeping a journal where you see what weight you lifted last week and trying to increase the load each week is the only way you’ll see the results and keep progressing. Especially if you doing 3-4 workouts a week, I don’t know about you but keeping track of all the weight, reps and sets you do each session should be impossible. And while you think you might be increasing each week the only way to truly know is to see what you wrote down last session. As you can’t remember what you did last, you might find yourself in the comfort zone and just sticking to the same weight, which is another good reason to keep a journal.
4. Not setting short term goals
Long term goals are great and are crucial to your long term success and vision. But what about short term goals. Probably equally important and will keep you accountable. For instance you could have a short term goal of just performing 4 weight workouts this week, or maybe putting on 4 pounds of muscle this month. Having short term goals will ensure you are making progress towards your long term goals.
If you feel you are making any of the above muscle building mistakes then I highly recommend you take the time to rectify it. Ensuring you don’t make the above mistake will ensure your muscle building efforts don’t go to waste and your long term goals becoming real.

10 Exercises For A Perfect Legs And Very Sexy

Have a nice toned legs and should not be a problem … If you have enough perseverance. You only have to take a few minutes a day to run a routine that attack from all sides, your legs (and butt). Here are 10 exercises that you can combine or incorporate into your training. In a few weeks you’ll notice the change for the better: a sexier and defined legs.

1. Squats: Classic. The lifetime. If you want to increase the difficulty you can always try to add weight or increase the number. Stand with your legs separated by about 20 centimeters, we will lower the trunk until our thighs are parallel to the floor. Repeat. Very good for the glutes, perform them correctly will guarantee success.

2. Lunges: Even more effective than squats, stride or ‘lunges’ serve to increase the elasticity and firmness of quadriceps and buttocks. They are a very demanding exercise, so we recommend you to take it easy at first. His technique is also very refined, so make sure to do them well before many.

3. Elevations heel: How the name suggests, for this exercise we will locate and we will stand on tiptoe, then return to starting position. They are ideal for improving the twins.

4. Jumping Jacks: Also called separation jumps legs are intense exercise and requires good technique. While opening jump legs, our arms rise up to almost slap over the head. To prevent injuries, it is best to do them very carefully. With them you will work your hips.

5. Sumo Squat: A variant very effectively to define the outer part of your buttocks and hips squats. They are carried out as a normal squat, but with legs apart sumo wrestler style.

6. Leg Raise: Lying on your back, forearms flat on the floor, lift your legs while to make a 90 degree angle relative to the ground. This exercise will work the quadriceps harden your legs and your abs.

7. Mountain Climbers: A high-intensity exercise that will require a lot in a very short time. Put yourself in position ‘output’ as if it were a track meet, resting your palms on the floor and trunk parallel to the floor. He begins to ‘run’ on the site, bending his knees almost to his chest. A comprehensive routine that required the most of your quadriceps, calves and buttocks.

8. The Bridge: A classic leg exercises. Lie down on a mat face up and let your legs bent, conveniently separated. Back up to form a ‘bridge’ helping with the forearms, which will be placed on the floor. Keep a completely straight and low second without supporting the buttocks. Repeat. Perfect for a firm buttocks.

9. Pretzels: This exercise, too little known, takes its name from the famous crackers. The pretzel legs serves to attack from the side. Rely on one of your legs, bent over a mat and in front of you. Fold the other and run with it a movement up and down. Repeat changing legs.

10. Burpees: Another intense exercise and we have already discussed earlier. With them you will work pectorals, biceps and triceps, the abdominal muscles, the gluteus and quadriceps. You should not abuse them and if you are a beginner, you should avoid jumping the end.

Fruits Before And After Training

The glycemic index is used to measure glucose levels in blood, which is necessary when playing sports, and then to accelerate the recovery process. It is important to maintain good levels if we want to perform at their best, so it is necessary that we arm ourselves with the right foods. The fruit is one that can help us, but we always have flown over the question of what fruits are best to eat before or after training.

Before training is important that the foods we eat do not contain high levels of blood glucose, ie, it is better to eat foods with a low glycemic index, as thus get to pay much more during exercise, since blood sugar that have accumulated should be food we have eaten enough hours before exercise. Things change when you finish exercising, because the food we eat should have a high glycemic index.
On this occasion we will emphasize the importance of glucose intake after exercise because muscles need quick energy and fruit with a high glycemic index is a good alternative. But surely most of you are wondering what fruit will be those that have more or less glucose inside and that we will best serve before and after training. For this we will make a small list of the most consumed and easy to find.

Fruits with a lower glycemic index, and therefore the most recommended eating just before exercise are some like pear and apple, two varieties of season we can find easily and we also provide many vitamins and pectin . Along with these red fruits like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries … they are ideal for eating before sports, as well as having low glycemic index provide us with high amounts of antioxidants. Grapes and grapefruit are other varieties that can not forget before sports.

After exercise to recommend that contain high levels of glucose. Among them we will highlight some like banana, one that has more glucose and raisins and dates, which will give us the amounts that the body needs. Orange and mango are two types of fruits that will also help replenish glucose, like honeydew and watermelon, which also will help replenish minerals that we have lost with exercise.

3 Tips For Getting Abs

Now that summer approaches, getting abs (ie, they are visible) is one of our real priorities when training. Wear a hard winter, cause uncontrolled a little food, accumulating fat in the body, making our muscles are covered, with a priority to establish a number of important criteria that help us achieve this. In this case, we will give you focus on 3 key tips to get abs.

Get abs – Food

First, it is important that we take adequate food, which is free of fat and is rich in protein. Vegetables and monounsaturated fatty acids are important, such as the famous Alpha Xtrm. It is therefore essential that we try to keep away as possible from our diet animal fats and sweets industrially processed and fried foods that increase the total calories consumed.

Getting abs – Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is one of the keys when getting abs well defined and developed parts. We must not forget that abs are usually not visible as a result of the layer of fat that cover and remove it if we want the results give exercise and diet are visible. Aerobic exercise, which will do, is to help burn fat and eliminate adipose tissue staying in the intestinal walls.

Get abdominal – Abdominal Work

The abdominal exercise is another key parts that we care if we want to get abs .. For this we perform routines focused on this part with simple exercises that concentrate the most of all the fibers forming the abdomen. The following abdominal exercises that you facilitated, are important when getting abs:

1- Crunches crossfit
2- Oblique crunch lying
3- Griddle
3- Vertical scissors
4- Lateral trunk flexion

Routines Muscle Definition

Definition routines are aimed lose most body fat while maintaining as much muscle as possible.

In addition, a routine definition is not considered a good diet without definition.

Most people who perform work with weights most of the year they spend performing routines volume or routines force but when they want to make more muscle or uncover those abs to show off on the beach usually modify your workout routines for calls definition routines.

Guidelines to follow for success during your routine definition:

1) Follow the basic principles of nutrition, such as eating several times a day, choose quality sources of macronutrients.etc

2) You must reduce your intake of carbohydrates, except at breakfast and after training and the amount of protein should be increased to prevent catabolism. Fats will remain moderate but not eliminated.

3) routines definition are more intense, more active, generally using techniques of high intensity as supersets, compound series, triseries, descending sets, reduce the rest time between sets … the goal is to burn more calories during weight training session.

4) During aerobic routines definition take more importance, it is essential to sessions of 30 to 40 ‘minutes of aerobics three to five days a week.

5) You must follow a diet of muscle definition in conjunction with the definition routines, remember that diet is the return part of the battle.

7 Signs That Your Sperm Is Healthy And Strong

If you exercise, you eat fish and properly keep leftovers, sure your sperm is in great shape.
You want to know if your swimmers are up to the challenge? At first glance, it is not easy to measure the quality of your sperm, so you need to make an appointment with your doctor to know for sure.

However, while you wait your turn, here we leave some signs that suggest that your sperm is strong. How many can cross off your list?


In fact, it is not even necessary to have six pack. Provided they do not have a panzota, chances are that your sperm is in good condition.

Dutch researchers found that men with waist 100 centimeters or more, had lower concentration and sperm count than men with a healthier waist.

Researchers are not sure why an llantota is bad for your swimmers. But, they believe that carrying too much weight, especially in that section of your body, it can interfere with the release of sex hormones, as well as the production and development of sperm.


Good news friends not so handsome! According to a new study, having a male face can actually hurt below the belt.

Spanish and Finnish researchers recently found that men who were described as “male” (wide and rough) faces tended to have lower quality sperm than men with more “feminine” faces.

One possible reason: a theoretical explanation, known as the “hypothesis of exchange.” In short, men have a certain amount of energy available for reproductive resources. This energy must be distributed among different components.


Quickly, think of your favorite protein source. It is red, salty and processed? If so, chances are that your sperm is paying the price.

Researchers at Harvard University found that men who consumed the most processed meat had a count lower than men who consumed less sperm.

Fish, moreover, seems to have protective properties. Men who ate more fish, especially the dark like salmon and tuna, had a sperm concentration of 65% better than men who consumed less.

The researchers said that it is thanks to omega 3 fish, because the long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids have played an important role in sperm production. So if you want to strengthen your swimmers, change pepperoni pizza for anchovies.


This is another reason why you should leave your truss aside: can be smothering your sperm.

A 2015 study in the UK found that men who wore boxer shorts instead of tight underwear were 24% less likely to have a low sperm count with limited mobility. Mobility, the way in which the sperm swim is important because slow sperms have greater difficulty reaching the egg and fertilize it.

Dr. Andrew Povey, study author states that “the use of loose-fitting underwear can result in a lower temperature in the scrotum, compared to the just underwear.” He adds that there is evidence that high testicular temperature can affect sperm production. So if you want to stay on the safe side, let breathe your penis.

Go to the gym

Harvard researchers found that men who made 15 or more hours of gym a week had a sperm concentration of 75% higher than men who did nothing.

Researchers believe that exercise not only helps you lose weight (which affects reproductive health), can also increase the effects of antioxidants in your body. So, go to the gym regularly, prevents free radicals from damaging your sperm.

And once you get back to sweat, suck it up wanting to go to bed on the couch and get to watch TV. The researchers found that men who viewed television more than 20 hours a week had a sperm count 44% higher than men who did not see television.


Well, not necessarily as sharp, just you do not get too low, throaty. According to a study by the University of Western Australia, men with that kind of voice had worse sperm.

The researchers found that although women brand low record voices more masculine, men who have them and have less concentration of sperm in their ejaculate.

According to Dr. Leigh Simmons, author of the study, a possible explanation for this has to do with testosterone levels. This is associated with masculine features on the face and the deep voices, but too much can affect sperm production.

NO hot your leftovers in plastic

Heat the lasagna the previous day in a plastic container is easy, but may be wreaking havoc on your sperm.

Thank him to Bis phenol A (BPA), a chemical that can detach from the plastic over your food (and then you) when you heat it.

Danish researchers found that men with higher levels of BPA in their urine had a percentage of motile sperm significantly lower than those with lower levels.

Scientists are not sure what is affecting the semen, but believe that BPA can affect estrogenic and androgenic activity in the epididymis of the testes. They believe that this may prevent the normal development of sperm.

So, before bombarding your meal, take a few seconds to transfer from one plastic container glass.


Why You Should Always Say No To Steroids: Major Side Effects

Every day that passes I know more people who immerses himself in the world of bodybuilding, but enter through the back door, ie directly seek the goal seeking as quickly as possible, and directly take illegal substances to grow as steroids or anabolic steroids.

With this post we will try to bring together all the reasons why you should always say no to steroids and anabolic steroids, even if you are one of those who train the most, conscious diet milligram, rest what should rest and yet stagnant.

While we go a little further and let’s talk a little of everything, in the first part we will discuss the major side effects that use, in a second other side effects and one-third will discuss other issues It involves use as the requirement of potential economic problems, addictions and personal satisfaction of not using them.

Major side effects

Undoubtedly the use of steroids carry a myriad of side effects that the vast majority of people who use them think they are inventions of people who do not use it but it is not, there is a high probability that the use of these illegal products will carry one or more of the following side effects:

Cardiovascular problems: Using steroids various levels of cholesterol, in particular, has been observed, which causes low levels of HDL or good cholesterol, and increase LDL or bad cholesterol, which is harmful to the cardiovascular system.
Kidney disease: The compounds eliminate steroids are eliminated through the urine, and responsible for carrying out this function is the kidney. If you suffer from hypertension, the possibility of a kidney problem is triggered, since it implies a stress on it.
Sexual dysfunction: As we know the male reproductive system is closely related to the levels of androgenic hormones in the body, so the use of these hormones in a synthetic form. This variation in levels can have two completely opposite consequences; one that increases libido and erection, which can lead to a problem of sexual addiction; and other extreme a drop in libido do lose sexual interest and consequently suffer impotence, especially when just a steroid cycle.

Gynecomastia: Is a term to indicate growth similar to the female, which occurs when you have a high level of estrogen male breast.
Hair Loss: we have seen that the most common form of hair loss is directly related to the level of androgens in tissue capillaries. While this phenomenon is even more pronounced in people who already suffer hair loss before steroid use, and their use is accentuated loss exponentially.
Fluid retention: Steroids tend to increase the amount of water in the body, something known as flavor, this retention gives an inflated appearance of the body especially in the hands, arms and face, also losing muscle definition. Although fluid retention may not be the not very important side effect when taking a cycle of muscle growth, and is thought to be solved to cambier stage (define), can lead to more dangerous problems such as high blood pressure and kidney damage.
Acne: Is definitely one of the effects that always occurs when steroids are used, as occurs in adolescence, when testosterone levels soar out pimples on the skin. It is certainly a lesser evil but it is an eyesore that nobody likes to have, especially when looking as possible aesthetic image. This is because the glands are stimulated by androgen’s and therefore raise these hormones makes these glands release more oil-generating grains back, shoulders and face, and even in all skin patches that are highly unsightly.

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